Is my personal site, and you're looking at it. There's nothing too complicated here as it's mainly html+CSS, but I figured I'd open a devlog to share some neat tools and tricks. Keep in mind I'm not exactly a web-dev guru, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm not going to bother putting a changelog here, as there's one on the index page.

Syntax Highlighting Codeblocks:
Unfortunately, there is no all-incorporating-default-codeblock in HTML, the closest thing we really have is the "pre" tag, and that just doesn't cut it. So save your web-searching, because the only way to make codeblocks is to generate them. How exactly? Well, just write a script to sift through some code, and reformat it to contain color tags, line numbers, and whatever else you need.

"But Jarlold-sama, I am but a brainlet without any dev-skills, what shall I do?

Use someone else's! You can copy my script, which can be found here, or if you're really lazy, you could use an online soykafy one like this.

If you're using mine, or just want to add some flair to your own, you might also want to try making some fancy CSS for it, something clear to separate code from the usual guff. Once again if you're lazy, you can always copy my poorly formatted CSS, it's under "codeblock".

After all that soykaf, you should wind up with something looking like this:
0 | import testlib 1 | # This is a test comment 2 | #This is also a test comment 3 | while True : 4 | testlib.test() 5 | print "These lines", "Fuarks with quotes" 6 | print("Hello world") 7 | for a in range(100) : print(a) 8 | print("Goodbye world") Which I think looks rather nice.