This board is no longer being hosted. You're welcome to host your own version,
but don't because it'd be as trash as mine was.

Anomie BBS:
I run an underground-ish programming circle called "Anomie" that specializes in whatever-the-fuark-we-feel-like, and also AI. Obviously, as a cyberpunk comp-sci circle, we're way too cool to just use normal HTTP services, like some Surface Tech soykaf drinking normie. So instead we have a Bulletin Board System (BBS). As of writing this devlog, it's fairly new. It also just got overhauled in order to better accomodate people outside of Anomie. This is because we need more members X_X.

If you're interested in cyber security, AI, or general comp-sci fun, please come over and concider joining us! We're not terribly picky people, as long as you can tell bit from byte, we'd be happy to have you!

As a BBS, this project is fairly simple. Socket based interface with a sub-300 line script to manage posts, guilds, and tripcodes. Obviously security is the main issue, and escape codes. Escape codes are weird.

I started public hosting for the server at, but of course if you want to host a version of the BBS yourself, your welcome to. The source code can be found in the project directory (Linked at the the end of the page).

Connections are straight forward as fuark. You just need an ANSII enabled terminal (or terminal emulator) and a copy of telnet. Then run telnet 8763 to connect to the BBS.

This Project's Directory

+ Familiar tripcodes are now flagged as such
+ Now officially hosted

Upcomming Changes:
+ Overide 'nav' to run 'board', if a board name is presented instead of a menu name.
+ Automatic guild systems, since right now they're really just glorifie tripcodes.