Minecraft is Now 10 Years Old!:
Just think, that means the average Fornite player is younger than Minecraft itself.

This is a couple days late because I was busy, but happy ten year anniversary to the lovely low-resolution LEGO simulator we've all come to know. Minecraft is fundamentally a great game, and really proved how far video games could go as a medium. I'd argue it was one of the first games people could really live in, as it's infinitely stretching world and never-ending gameplay let players truly invest themselves in their save files. By allowing people to build and innovate whatever they pleased, Minecraft quenches the fundamental human desire to create, an action which marks the players data as more than just bits on a machine.

Sure WoW and other MMO RPGs gave players something to do, and kept them invested for many years, but I'd argue their reliance on addiction and a false sense of accomplishment doesn't merit those years the title of "Living". Minecraft showed people that a virtual escape didn't have to be something of lies or guilt, but could simply be a new place for humans to show their productivity. At the end of the day, it's hard to hate on the zen-full experience of delicately placing blocks to the peaceful works of C418.

We're all a bunch of ants in a farm, and Minecraft has been one hell of a farm.

-Jarlold <3