What's on here:
Yo! Welcome to my website. You can find all sorts of information and projects on computer science topics such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, and occasionally game development. All put together by yours truly. I also do freelance work, for prices between cheap and free for any of the above topics.

My contact information can be found in the about page

"Just who in the hell are you!?!":
Well who cares right? I'm Jarlold, and if you've ever heard someone say "Don't worry I know a guy", I'm the guy. Oh and this is my website in case the big header wasn't clear enough.

How do I know this is the real Jarlold, Do The Secret Handshake!:
Here's my GPG key I don't have a canary for this site or handle because I try not to say controversial things on any site linked to my meatspace ID.

+ Made a devlog on WiFi Sharingan
+ Updated devlog on the Neko-Sama Discord bot to include new commands
+ Made a blogpost on a bunch of weird cyber security stuff recently
+ Updated the devlog on Idoru//Lisa again, it's getting real long tbh
+ Updated the devlog on Idoru//Lisa
+ Wrote a devlog on an AI that predicts the quality of ramen
+ Un-Christmas CSS for the not-holidays .n.
+ Christmas CSS for the holidays ^_^
+ Uploaded first part of a devlog on a GAN system for Twitch steamers
+ Made two blog posts on some stuff
+ Made a blog post on Minecraft's 10th anniversary.
+ Made a devlog on Ono-Sendai a cyberspace game engine.
+ Made a devlog on A Discord bot that posts cat pictures
+ Changed up the websites CSS a little bit.
+ Made a devlog on a BBS I've been working on
+ Took down the Minetest server, and uploaded the world for it here
+ Added codeblocks, then made a devlog about that
+ Made a blog post on quickly configuring vim.
+ Made a blog post about the importance of gathering spaces in community.
+ Made a blog post about hosting a Minetest server for soykafs and giggles.
+ Added a bunch of cool sites to portal page. (Feb 24th 2019)