Nani Desu Ka ? :
Welcome to my website. This is where I post my non-anomie related projects, if I feel up to it. Don't expect anything to magical to pop up here, just another rat in the opera house.

Other than hosting some projects here, I've got a blog going, where I write a bit on whatever I feel like writing a bit on. Mostly guides to sysadmin stuff, or rants about internet cultures. If you came here expecting information about Anomie (or my time in Anomie), then please message me privately and we can play Portal or Factorio or something- not to talk about Anomie; I just like puzzle games and figured the average Anomi-wanna-be would be decent at them.

I keep a well groomed portal-page, where you can find a sorted list of other websites I'm partial to. So if you've a moment to kill, you can consider having a gander at that. It's mostly just 2009-era forums, and the personal pages of other Lains.

I also do freelance for small scripts and video-editing, so if you need any of that please contact me. If it's only something small I'd be happy to do it for free. You can find my contact info at the about page of this website.

There's other stuff here too, but I'm lazy and it's 4am, so that's all the welcome text you get.

- Jarlold <3

+ Made two blog posts on some stuff
+ Made a blog post on Minecraft's 10th anniversary.
+ Made a devlog on Ono-Sendai a cyberspace game engine.
+ Made a devlog on A Discord bot that posts cat pictures
+ Changed up the websites CSS a little bit.
+ Made a devlog on a BBS I've been working on
+ Took down the Minetest server, and uploaded the world for it here
+ Added codeblocks, then made a devlog about that
+ Made a blog post on quickly configuring vim.
+ Made a blog post about the importance of gathering spaces in community.
+ Made a blog post about hosting a Minetest server for soykafs and giggles.
+ Added a bunch of cool sites to portal page. (Feb 24th 2019)